Mattress Flanging Machine

Yantram is the leading manufacturer of mattress machinery in India. We are having more than 200 installations in the country. We are manufacturing basic mattress machinery which is comprised of Tape Edge Machines (Both Walk around and Conveyor Type) with various kinds of sewing heads. We also manufacture mattress machinery required to make premium mattresses. This group of machines comprises of Flanging Machine, Long Arm Quilt Repair Machine, Long Arm Zig- Zag Label Sewing Machine and Pillow Top Mattress Manufacturing System. We take up manufacturing of specialized sewing machinery as well customized as per applications.

Flanging Machine YSFM 50

An essential machine for the manufacture of the spring mattress. The machine has double needles and five threads. This machine provides an overlock stitch (Type 516) and a safety stitch (Double Lock Chain Stitch). The overlock stitch is right at the edge of the quilted panel and the safety stitch is at about 20 mm from the edge. By doing flanging operation on the quilted panels we are able to get three problems sorted out at once:

a) The machine attaches a non woven fabric strip to the quilted panel which can be used to attach the same to the spring unit.
b) It trims the corners of the quilted panel very accurately and gives the radius at the corners as per the radius of the springs used in the spring unit.
c) Since it does an overlock at the edges of the quilted panel so the effective thickness of the edge is reduced to as low as 6-8 mm. This reduced edge thickness is of great help while tape edging operation. The panel moves more easily into the tape edge machine’s folder and hence reduces operator’s fatigue. This enhances the quality of the finished product as well as the productivity.

Maximum Sewing speed3500 spm (stitches per minute)
Needle SizeDV X 27
Needle Separation25 mm
Maximum Material Thickness40 mm (foam only) 50 mm (foam + polyfill combination)
Material Feeding SystemUsing timing belt on top and feed dog at the bottom.
Maximum Stitch Length8 mm.
Presser Foot Lift13 mm with pneumatic cylinder which is pedal activated.
Machine DriveFully programmed servo drive with needle synchronizer as standard.
AttachmentsFlange material carrier with material holding cones.